Bring light to the dark sides of work

Neon Shed brings light to the Dark Sides of Work and helps create psychologically safe, courageous and thriving workplaces.

We provide the strategies, tools and training for employers, leaders and workers to prevent, manage and eliminate these issues.

Neon Shed gives people the tools and options to know HOW to have a safe workplace.

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Workplace Support Program

More than a tick box exercise

Would you like an empowered workforce that proactively reduce bullying and harassment at work themselves?

How about identifying the root cause of issues, so you can develop focused improvement plans?

The Workplace Support Program does this and more.

It provides employees with a safe, confidential reporting system and individual support to empower them to take the right action or option that’s best for their circumstances. It can also link with their GP to provide holistic mental health support.

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Under the Rug at Work Podcast

Here I chat about problems that are often swept under the rug at work. Nothing is off limits!

I want to bring light to the causes and share real solutions that make real change.

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Hi there!

I’m Nicole and I eliminate bullying and sexual harassment and ignite courage in leaders and teams.

I’ve been in communications for 20 years and in the work health and safety industry for over a decade. I partner with courageous companies and individuals to identify and bring light to issues that have been swept under the rug to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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