Name it, Claim it, Reframe it model

Bring light to the dark sides of work

Remember being young and afraid of the dark? In the shadows you were sure you saw a monster… But once you turned the light on, it disappeared. The monster was only a sock, a toy, a shadow.

That’s what I do. I work with courageous companies who want to make positive, long lasting change. I work with companies that understand they have some dark corners and aren’t afraid to bring light in. I provide tools to help name it, claim it and reframe it, and I never shame it.

I shine a light on the issue to lessen the burden and reduce the fear. I provide tools that ensure positive change.

Eliminate Sexual Harassment at Work

In this webinar you will learn strategies and tools to know what you can do if you witness or experience sexual harassment at work.

I also provide information for employers and managers to help you understand your obligations, manage the risk, protect your organisation and workers, and eliminate it from your workplace. Register today.

Register for general trainingCPD training for legal professionals, or find out more about tools, strategies and support for organisations.

🌟 I also share free content across ethics and professional responsibility, practice management and business skills, and professional skills to the value of 8 CPD units to help meet your requirements for the year 🌟

Toolbox training

We’re only as good as the tools in our belt. If we haven’t learnt good practices through training or mentoring, how are we expected to have the skills or teach others? Most people get their job based on their technical knowledge. The people skills and communication skills may not be there.

I’ve used and created many tools over the years to improve communication and deal with psychosocial hazards in the workplace. I’ve put all these tools in the NEON Shed.

My toolbox training helps to expand the tools and strategies in your tool belt, which improves communication, productivity and mental health in the workplace. Find out more here.



I’m Nicole and I make difficult communications easy and bring light to the dark sides of work.

I’ve been in communications for over 17 years and in the work health and safety industry for a decade. I partner with courageous companies and individuals to identify and bring light to issues that have been swept under the rug to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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