Dark sides of work

Women quits work

The Great Resignation

The last 2 years have been tough for many of us. Living and working through a pandemic has put strain and pressure on us as individuals, families, workplaces, communities, societies and countries like we have never seen before. Have you heard of the Great Resignation? People are leaving their jobs by the millions around the

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See, hear and speak no evil Frogs

Bullying and harassment – who’s responsible?

It seems like every time I look at my LinkedIn feed, there’s another incident of bullying or sexual harassment that is being exposed.  Who’s responsible? Who’s accountable? When will it stop?  Employers, businesses, managers and workers have obligations under WHS and discrimination laws – do you know what they are? Are you meeting your obligations?

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Sexual harassment at work

What’s accepted sexual harassment in your workplace?

The answer should be: no form of sexual harassment is tolerated.  What actually happens may be a different story. It’s not only tolerated, it is accepted, ignored, dismissed or swept under the rug.  Sexual harassment and sexual assault have been in the media recently – highlighting some of the worst actions in Australian workplaces. Why

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