Wonder Woman

What is a Chief Courage Officer?

I often get asked this question. It’s not a title just for me – you can be one too!

A Chief Courage Officer is someone who is brave enough to do what’s right, not what they’re told. It’s someone who has the courage to stand up to bullies, poor leaders, unethical management and systems.

A Chief Courage Officer speaks up for people who might have lost their voice, who are not being heard or who may be too frightened to speak up for whatever reason.

As a Chief Courage Officer I help people be brave, even if just for a moment. 

I give them the tools they need to fight for what is right, ethical, moral and just. I share legislation so individuals and organisations can better understand their responsibilities, and people can take back their power and their right to a safe workplace.

If problems are swept under the rug, they continue and get worse. They breed a toxic culture. They reduce the morale of the team, productivity and loyalty – if employers don’t care about having a great workplace and culture – why would staff? 

A Chief Courage Officer is also about being solutions focused. This year I will share solutions for employers, managers and HR to help shine a light on issues in their organisation and ways to successfully eliminate them. I shine a light on the issue to lessen the burden and reduce the fear. I provide tools that ensure positive change.

I also share pathways for individuals who experience or witness these issues, whether they choose to improve the situation, change the situation or leave the organisation.

2022 is the year for positive change. How can you be more courageous this year?

Let me know at hello@neonshed.com.au 🌟