7 Dark Sides of Work Summit 2022

Wow – What a Summit!

I am blown away by the quality, integrity and expertise of the Guest Experts involved in the first 7 Dark Sides of Work Summit.

I created the Summit to showcase individuals and organisations who are making real change when it comes to the dark sides of work, and helping people who witness, experience or are harmed by these issues.

They nailed it – but it became so much more..

The Summit is real, raw and unedited. We lean into the tough stuff – the things that people sweep under the rug in the hope that it goes away. We know that never works…

The speakers are passionate, honest, and actually walk the talk. They have courage and commitment and are changing the world for the better.

They share practical solutions you can start implementing today

Here’s what people are saying…
  • ‘It feels like you were talking directly to me, this was about my life…’
  • ‘This Summit is forward thinking – in 5 years time it will still be relevant’
  • ‘OMG it’s so practical! Actual solutions I can use today!’
  • ‘This was refreshing to listen to and empowering to know that changes in the workplace can occur starting with me.’
  • ‘All of the interviews have been really good – like really good! They give you things you can do – ways you can actually stop the problems at work’

Thank you to all the speakers!

I’m so grateful to all of the speakers for their time, insights and the value they provide.

Evelyn M Field OAM, FAPS, Jessica Hickman The Upstander Leader and Phil O’Brien talk about how to block bullies, how to create a culture of speaking up at work, and what happens when complaints leads to investigations.

Gloria Tabi (author of Inclusive Teams and Workplaces), Aunty Munya Andrews, Carla Rogers and Mary Egan bring light and solutions to #discrimination, #racism, #ageism and challenging perspectives at work.

Jason van Schie, Tim Hoopmann and Frank Winterstein share tools and insights on men’s mental health, mental health in small business and how to prevent harm and promote wellbeing at work.

Saranne Segal, Michelle Crawford and Bridget Barrett shed light on Office Politics and how to manage conflict, egos and returning to work with respect and humanity after the last few years.

AJ – Alexandra Joy – Executive Coach, Renee Burkinshaw CPHR and Michael Plowright share why the fish rots from the head, the challenges of middle management and how to overcome them, and what to do if you have an abrasive leader in the team.

Natalie Welch, Kimberley Tunbridge and Peter Dixon shine light on what happens when organisations put profit before their workers, the community or the environment and the benefits of doing the opposite.

Kerrie Sellen, Kevin Sawers and Nicole Turnbull 🌟 Chief Courage Officer talk about how our current systems and structures help or harm and what needs to happen to improve relationships and outcomes for individuals, workplaces and communities.

Tina Winchester, Caroline Howe and the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner, John McKenzie share how to end mental health stigma, stop the harm caused by isolating injured workers and sexual harassment.

Lisa Turnbull, Kristy Smith and Christine Martin provide proven techniques and tools to help recover from #burnout and #trauma.

Kathie Melocco, Jade Alexander, Angela Baklis and Marty de Jesus provide ways to help increase self care, which is often the first thing to go when we are stressed, overwhelmed and over worked.

The Summit launched during Australia’s Safe Work Month and Mental Health Month and International Workplace Bullying Awareness Week.

You can get lifetime access to the replays, bonus content and special offers here. The interviews are roughly 30 minutes each and jam packed with value, wisdom and insights from the experts.

Check out the highlights below!