Psychosocial Safety Summit 

We are hosting the 3rd annual Neon Shed Summit in person this year!

The Summit is designed for HR and WHS professionals to help navigate the complexity of psychosocial health and safety at work.

Join incredible Australian and international speakers providing tools and real solutions to reduce risk, improve the culture and support health and wellbeing. 

Group discounts are available! Find out more and get tickets here. 

Bring light to the dark sides of work

Neon Shed brings light to the Dark Sides of Work and helps create safe, courageous and thriving workplaces.

We provide the strategies, resources and training to prevent, manage and eliminate psychosocial hazards.

Neon Shed gives people the tools and options to know HOW to have a safe workplace.

Find out more about the Dark Sides of Work and get lifetime access to the Summit or the free mini course today!

Workplace Support Program

More than a tick box

Are you meeting your legal obligations when it comes to psychosocial safety?

When was your last psychosocial safety risk assessment, and what were the results? It’s not easy to measure and manage psychological health and wellbeing, so we created the Workplace Support Program to help make safety simple.

We provide neutral safety support to increase trust and engagement with staff and decrease stress leave complaints, workers comp claims and litigation.

Do more than ticking the box and you’ll discover incredible results for your team and organisation…

See the results other organisations are getting!

Under the Rug at Work Podcast

Here I chat about problems that are often swept under the rug at work. Nothing is off limits!

I want to bring light to the causes and share real solutions that make real change.

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If there’s something that’s swept under the rug at work that you want me to talk about, you want to be a guest speaker or suggest someone, let me know here!

Hi there!

I’m Nicole, Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed. I eliminate psychosocial hazards and ignite courage in leaders and teams by giving them the tools and options to know HOW to have a safe workplace.

I’ve been in communications for 20 years and in the work health and safety industry for over a decade. I partner with organisations to help them meet their legal obligations and create a safe, courageous and thriving workplace.

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