NEON Solutions

Does your organisation have any of the 7 Dark Sides of Work? 

Are you brave enough to shine the light on these issues and eliminate them from your workplace?

I’ve found there are 8 areas that employers, managers and HR teams need to focus on to manage the risks, meet your obligations, protect your organisation and your workers from the 7 Dark Sides of Work.

NEON Solutions by NEON Shed

Most organisations and employers are reactive when it comes to the 7 Dark Sides of Work. hey don’t realise until it’s too late that there’s a problem, or they may not realise at all because the Systems and Structures are part of the problem.

You can reduce your risk to the organisation and workers and eliminate problems proactively through:

  • Recruitment – hiring the right people with the right values
  • Paperwork – having the right systems, policies, procedures and processes 
  • Training – for managers, workers and senior executive
  • Culture – creating a culture where workers are empowered to do the right thing
  • Leaders – identifying if they are part of the problem, or part of the solution
  • Performance – ensuring performance is reviewed and managed appropriately
  • Offboarding – understanding why people are leaving and identifying any themes
  • Roadmap – having a roadmap for success.

Reactively managing issues when they are on the front page of the newspaper, trending on social media, or creating friction and disharmony within teams is unnecessary and hard to put the cat back in the bag.