Workplace Support Program

More than a tick box exercise

Workplace bullying costs Australian employers between $6-36 billion dollars every year…

Reducing and eliminating bullying, sexual harassment and other psychosocial hazards at work has many benefits, but it’s not an easy fix.

This program will:

  • identify the root cause of issues
  • map incidents, identify trends, themes and opportunities for improvement
  • provide your employees with independent support, including an incident reporting app and ability to link with their GP for holistic mental health support
  • access to a network of professionals when needed
  • free up your leaders, HR and WHS professionals to do what they specialise in, rather than spend time resolving complaints
The Workplace Support Program is coming to Australia in 2023!

The Workplace Support Program is a partnership between Neon Shed and WorkRight23. The program provides resources, tools and evidence to support employers, managers, HR and WHS professionals, as well as targets, witnesses and perpetrators of bullying and sexual harassment at work.

To register your interest or book a virtual briefing session with Nicole and Dr Donna Stemmer, contact Nicole at