Workplace Support Program

More than a tick box

Imagine being excited about coming to work everyday and loving your team and what you do…
Imagine having a Productive, healthy and happy workplace…

It’s what we all want –  right?

The reality is that stress, conflict, bullying, mental health and workers compensation claims are increasing.

It’s costing workers their health and wellbeing, and it’s costing organisations financially and impacting their reputation.

Workplace bullying costs Australian employers between $6-36 billion dollars every year…

Reducing and eliminating psychosocial hazards at work has many benefits, but it’s not an easy fix.

The Workplace Support Program helps measure, manage, report

and even eliminate psychosocial hazards

For Organisations

The program provides organisations with Psychosocial Risk Assessments to meet your legal obligations – but we go one step further to help identify the root cause of issues, because if you can fix the cause, you can stop the symptoms (the psychosocial hazards!).

Every organisation has seen incredible benefits within 6 months!

For Staff

It provides workers with:

  • an incident reporting app
  • information to help them manage issues themselves, and
  • trauma-informed, WHS coaching, if required, to help them understand their options and make the right decision for their situation.

What Organisations are seeing…

What Staff are saying…

I feel confident in managing issues myself and making sure it doesn't escalate
You've helped me move on and find another job
I have the courage to communicate without getting emotional while focusing on the outcome I want
The Workplace Support Program is now available in Australia!

The Workplace Support Program is a partnership between Neon Shed and WorkRight23. The program provides resources, tools and evidence to meet your legal obligations and improve the psychosocial health and safety of your workplace.

To register your interest or book a virtual briefing session with Nicole and Dr Donna Stemmer, contact Nicole at