7 Dark Sides of Work

Poor leadership

There is a big difference between management and leadership. Leading people requires a different set of skills compared to leading projects, managing a process or your own workload. 

Leadership also requires courage. The courage to have difficult conversations, manage conflict and make tough decisions.

Good leadership empowers the people on your team to be the best they can be and removes obstacles to increase success. 

Empowering others - John Maxwell quote

It can be an overwhelming experience being a manager. People often become managers because they’re great at what they do. They grow in their career because they’re great at the technical aspects of their role. Communication and people skills are needed to effectively manage change, understand the differences between individuals and how they work and build trust and respect within the team.

Managers are only as effective as the tools in their belt. If we haven’t learnt good practices through training or mentoring, how are we expected to have the skills or teach others? When a manager’s toolbox is incomplete, friction occurs and it may show up as avoiding or an inability to:

  • Do performance management and reviews
  • Effectively manage change
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Build good working relationships internally or externally
  • Empower the team and work to their strengths
  • Create a positive team culture.
Leadership quote - Doris Kearng Goodwin
Pink toolbox

I’ve used and created many tools over the years to improve communication and deal with psychosocial hazards in the workplace. I’ve put all these tools in the NEON Shed.

My toolbox training helps to expand the tools and strategies in your tool belt, which improves communication, productivity and mental health in the workplace. Find out more here.