Eliminate Sexual Harassment at Work – Legal Profession webinar


Employers and managers will learn their obligations, how to manage the risk, protect the organisation and workers, and eliminate it from the workplace.

Targets and witnesses will know what to do if they see or experience sexual harassment at work.

47% of Australian women and 13% of male lawyers have experienced sexual harassment at work and 73% of women have been bullied. It’s time for change.
In this training I provide tools and strategies for:
  • Employers and managers to understand your obligations, manage the risk, protect your organisation and workers, and eliminate it from your workplace
  • Targets to know what to do if they experience it
  • Witnesses to become confident allies.

I also provide a Courage Continuum© which gives a variety of things you can do during or after a sexual harassment incident, depending on your level of confidence at the time.

Who should attend?

Legal professionals interested in tools and strategies to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.

The webinar provides 1.5 CLE towards the 10 required prior to 31 March 2022.

I also share a number of free videos and podcasts on various topics across ethics and professional responsibility, practice management and business skills, and professional skills for another 8 CPD units to help meet your requirements for the year.

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