Support for Organisations

I provide strategies, tools and support for organisations and associations to eliminate the 7 dark sides of work and embed cultural change. These practical tools help management, HR and the industry protect themselves, their workplace and their staff.

There are many great associations and organisations making progress with these issues. 

I’m one piece in the puzzle – with my unique experience in communications and 10 years in work health and safety and workers compensation in NSW with both safety regulators, the workers compensation insurer and the workers compensation review office. 

I’ve seen the change from physical injuries to psychological injuries during this time. But there’s still a stigma around many issues including mental health and speaking up to stop bullying, harassment and discrimination.

If you’re a small business, I can help you with some of these difficult issues so you can focus on what you do best. If you’re a large organisation, I can support your HR team with one or more of the following:


I can help you with:


Group training for your staff or association members at a discounted rate.
Tailored training packages for your team or organisation.

Team culture

Recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, performance management and off boarding support for your HR team or managers.


Systems, policies, checklists, procedures, events and an implementation plan that provides you with a roadmap to success.

Everyone has the right to a physical and psychologically safe workplace. Everyone benefits from a safe, mentally healthy work environment. Having the courage to bring light to the dark side of work and get rid of the shadows increases trust, transparency, communication and respect in the workplace, which benefits your culture, your customers and your bottom line. 

My goal is to inspire real change and give people the tools and courage to say: ‘Not in my workplace’ and the flow on effect of: not in my country, not in my community, not in my home.