New manager training

It can be an overwhelming experience becoming a new manager. I’ve been there multiple times… Not only the first time I became a people leader, but almost 2 dozen times throughout my career when I was in a new role or leading a new project and team. I had to learn how to bring people together, how to empower team members and how to lead (not manage) – and do it fast.

People often become managers because they’re great at what they do. They grow in their career because they’re great at the technical aspects of their role. When I became a manager, I found there were a number of things I had to learn that weren’t in any ‘Leaders Manual’. Over the years I’ve completed multiple courses, attended conferences and workshops, had mentors, read books, made mistakes and refined what has worked well to successfully lead a team.

In this full day training, I help new managers navigate the intangible aspects of leadership to be effective fast.

This course will cover how to: 

  • find the right balance between providing enough support to the team without falling into the micro management trap 
  • empower team members, encourage innovation and create a positive culture
  • do the yuck stuff like performance reviews, dealing with difficult people and giving negative feedback
  • juggle priorities including emails, projects, meetings, approvals, leading vs doing – when is there time to do the work?
  • prioritise self care to maintain health and wellbeing.

I help new leaders overcome these challenges to be more effective quickly.

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