Toolbox training

We’re only as good as the tools in our belt

Everyday we go to work, we use tools and strategies to communicate, work with others. We do this mostly without thinking. These tools come from our experience, background, training, mentors and upbringing. We use what’s worked for us in the past, and sometimes things that don’t work well because we don’t know what else to do…

In my experience, some people’s tool belts are limited to include a box that other people need to fit in, a hammer, finger, communicating using email and a set meeting structure for example.

We are only as effective as the tools in our belt. If we haven’t learnt good practices through training or mentoring, how are we expected to have the skills or teach others? Most people get their job based on their technical knowledge. The people skills and communication skills may not be there.

My toolbox training helps to expand the tools and strategies in your tool belt, which improves communication, productivity and mental health in the workplace.

You can customise training based on the needs of your team, organisation or industry.

Tools in the shed

  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Personalities at work
  • Languages of appreciation
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Masterful meetings
  • Listening
  • Mental health and wellbeing