World Congress for Health & Safety at Work

We’re going to World Congress!

Founder and Chief Courage Officer Nicole Turnbull and Dr Donna Stemmer from WorkRight23 are hosting a workshop on Monday 27 November!

We’ll share how to:
– measure and manage the psychosocial health of your organisation
– identify and resolve the root cause of issues, and
– improve business performance while also building the trust and engagement of your staff.

We will use real life examples to clearly illustrate the incredible outcomes possible.

Health and safety of staff is not just a legal requirement it can add real value to your bottom line.

Psychosocial hazards such as bullying, conflict, role overload and poor change management are often symptoms of structural and system issues, not people problems..

Measuring psychosocial health and managing psychological hazards is traditionally not a simple process. But that all changes with the Workplace Support Program.

In this workshop we share how to create courageous, safe and thriving workplaces!