World First Lived Experience Summit!

Bullying and sexual harassment at work

World First Lived Experience Summit

Psychological injury claims are steadily increasing, with workers taking significantly longer than physical injuries to return to work.

The same thinking and ways of working will continue to get us the same results. Let’s take a new view and discover solutions to these dark sides of work with people who live and breathe this work including:

  • leading psychologists who specialise in bullied clients
  • injured workers in the workers comp system
  • survivors of PTSD and mental injury, and
  • the leaders who were able to transform their culture from red to blue.

Find out what works, what needs to change, what solutions are available and how organisations are improving their success today!

You’ll walk away with an understanding of the dangers and the solutions to resolve bullying and sexual harassment at work.

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Blyde Neser, Professional Coaching Solutions

Blyde is an accomplished Human Capital Consultant and ICF Accredited Executive and Team Coach, and the driving force behind Professional Coaching Solutions, a collective of highly experienced and qualified thought leaders, consultants, coaches, and other skilled practitioners who have joined forces to multiply social impact.

With a focus on human-centric leadership development, workplace wellness, mental resilience, strategic talent and change management, and the empowerment of process automation, Professional Coaching Solutions collaborates with visionary leaders, cultivating thriving teams and enhancing organisational performance.

Their approach is evidence-based, comprehensive and holistic, creating synergistic solutions to reduce bullying, harassment, discrimination, poor leadership, conflict, and other team dysfunctions, improve mental wellbeing, engagement and productivity and – ultimately – amplify stakeholder impact.

Connect with Blyde on LinkedIn or the Professional Coaching Solutions website.