7 Dark Sides of Work

The dark sides of work

There are 7 dark sides of work that create unsafe and unhealthy workplaces when they are swept under the rug

Neon Shed exists to bring light to the dark sides of work and support individuals and organisations to eliminate these issues
The 7 Dark Sides of work model (C) Neon Shed

Identifying, facing and bringing light to the dark sides of work takes courage, strong leadership and a vision for a bright future. 

It can be uncomfortable, the process is often uncertain and the reaction from individuals is feared or unknown. This shouldn’t stop us. Too often, people focus on the day to day work trying to avoid these issues and sweep them under the rug in the hope it will somehow go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Sweeping problems under the rug creates mountains. If they’re ignored, they can grow into monsters and can end up taking a culture, a company or even an industry down (with many individuals along the way).

Every workplace has shadows, I haven’t found a perfect organisation yet

It’s how you handle the problems that matters. Your team notices when issues aren’t being dealt with, and what is allowed will continue.

It takes courage to recognise the shadow, create a plan to effectively work through it, or ask for help to bring light to the issues and help your workplace shine.

I provide consulting and training to eliminate bullying and harassment work, manage the risks, meet your obligations, and improve psychological safety and mental health in the workplace.

Find out more about each of the 7 dark sides of work below

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I have an on demand webinar to reduce and eliminate sexual harassment in the legal profession.

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