Book Review: Jerks At Work

When we first come into the workforce, we think it’s going to be all professional, supportive and work focused. I think that vision is squashed on the first day…

Work relationships can be hard. Add a micromanager, a free riding team member and a colleague that takes credit for your work, and it can become a place of extreme stress. 

Tessa West is a psychologist and lecturer at NYU, and in her book Jerks at Work, she shares advice on how to work with your Jerk to manage your career.

Tessa’s book talks about 7 types of Jerks at Work that we all come across, how to spot them and how to protect yourself. Tessa also shares practical steps and what you can do if you’re working with each type of Jerk. 

You might know them. They are:

  1. The Kiss-Up/Kick-Downer 
  2. The Credit Stealer
  3. The Bulldozer
  4. The Freeloader
  5. The Micromanager
  6. The Neglectful Boss
  7. The Gaslighter

Tessa shares the impact they can have on your wellbeing, how to know who you’re dealing with, and strategies to manage them in a professional and productive way.

Do you want to know if you’re the jerk at work? Take Tessa’s test here. You can also see if you’re an effective ally.

Find out more about Tessa and get your copy of the book on her website