The power of spreading joy

Last month I interviewed my friend and mentor, AJ – Alexandria Joy as part of my ongoing commitment to bring light to mental health and wellbeing. AJ is a coach, consultant, minimalist leader and culture healer who helps leaders and managers heal their culture.

October is mental health month and as we both know well, mental health is just as important as physical health. In this interview, AJ and I discuss ways to increase confidence, positivity and her 10 degree shift model, which is the secret of doing less and achieving more. 

The 10 degree shift model by AJ

I have learnt so much from this superwoman during the time I worked in her team at WorkCover and most recently as part of her mastermind Leading Ladies program. Things I have personally changed include:

Spreading joy

Early in my career I was so focused on the work and just getting the job done. I didn’t take time to celebrate wins or step back to take a breath once in a while. AJ introduced a number of activities for the team which helped prioritise fun, positivity and connection. This is something I have taken with me throughout my career. 

We chat about ‘warm fuzzies’ in the interview, which is a great way to create a culture of catching people doing something good. 

I also subscribe to her uptimisms, which are positive quotes and things to think about.

Slow mornings

A few years ago, my mornings were rushed and I was out the door before I even woke up… My alarm would go off with no time to spare, I’d got dressed and be out the door in under 20 minutes… Then I’d be on the train checking and responding to work emails before I’d even arrived.

I follow AJ on Facebook and she shares her slow mornings, taking time for herself and getting ready for the day ahead by prioritising self care and not looking at social media or watching the news.  

My life changed with this move. I now wake up with the sun and enjoy a healthy breakfast with my husband watching the birds forage for theirs. Mornings are more positive and my mental state is better equipped to take on the day ahead, no matter how challenging it may be. 

I’m grateful for AJ’s time and wisdom and know you will receive value from what we discuss here 🌟

You can find out more and connect with AJ on LinkedIn and check out the 10 degree shift model here

About me

I’ve been in communications for over 17 years and in the work health and safety industry for a decade. I’ve seen the damage poor communication and sweeping problems under the rug can do.

I partner with courageous companies and individuals to bring light to these issues and improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

I do not judge, shame or point fingers. I shine a light on the issue to lessen the burden and reduce the fear. I provide tools that ensure long term, positive change.

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