Under the Rug at Work podcast

What normally happens when there’s a problem or crisis with a project or client at work? Does the team jump into solution mode, create a plan and work together to fix the issue? Is the leadership team supportive and do you work overtime if needed?

Sounds pretty normal right?

What about the dark sides of work? When it comes to bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, poor leadership, mental health stigma or ineffective systems and structures – what happens then?

Does everyone work together to improve the situation, or are these issues swept under the rug?

The 7 Dark Sides of Work Model (C) Neon Shed

My new podcast, Under the Rug at Work will shine light on problems that are often swept under the rug…

Nothing is off limits!

I’ll be chatting with other experts and professionals about the things we don’t talk about at work.

I want to expand on these issues and delve into the darkness to shed light on the causes and share real solutions that make real change.

I may not make friends with some of the things I talk about.. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make change.

Check out the first podcast where I share how and why I got started.

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Throughout my career I’ve caused friction and got into hot water by:

  • asking the questions that people don’t want to hear or answer,
  • speaking up when I disagreed or didn’t understand the reason for a decision,
  • or for calling out issues with behaviours or the culture.

I’m tired of putting bandaids on problems or pretending these issues don’t exist. It’s time to shed light on the causes and find real solutions that make actual change.

My vision is for a world where people know their rights, have the courage to demand a safe workplace and are empowered to speak up when they see the dark sides of work. A world where leaders and employers know HOW to prevent and manage these issues, and repair the harm where they can.

Jessica Hickman The Upstander Leader

Jessica is the founder of Bullyology and leads the Upstander Movement creating cultural change in workplaces and communities. 

Jess is one of my first guest speakers. Here we chat about the harm bystanders cause themselves and others, and the importance of creating a culture where people feel safe to speak up.

What’s swept under the rug in your workplace?

If there’s something that’s swept under the rug in your workplace that you want me to chat about, or someone you want me to talk to, get in touch and let me know.