21 episodes in 2023!

Under the Rug at Work launched in January 2023 with the aim of bringing light to topics and issues that are swept under the rug. To see real change we have to talk about these things instead of ignoring them in the hope that they’ll go away…

We had 21 incredible guests who shared their knowledge, insights and experience.

Check out who topped the charts on each of the platforms below!

Top on Apple Podcasts

Bullying isn’t Taken Seriously with Evelyn M Field OAM, FAPS

Top on YouTube

How the Workers Comp System Drives Isolation with Dr Caroline Howe

Top on Spotify

Leaders Behaving Badly with Renee Burkinshaw CPHR

What else did we lift the rug on?

Thank you to all the guests and experts who joined us in 2023. Together we can create safe, courageous and thriving workplaces. Take a listen to their stories and areas of expertise below:

Join us in 2024!

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Is there a burning topic you’d like to lift the rug on? Express an interest in being a guest and Nicole Turnbull will be in touch in the new year.