Book Review: HARM How to stop workplace bullying

I’ve read 2 out of the series of 3 HARM books by Joanne Marino.

Jo’s personal story is eye opening and heartbreaking. It provides a behind the scenes view of the extreme bullying and harassment that happened, not only to Jo but extended to her family. It shows what happens when toxic behaviours are ingrained in a culture and the dark sides of the force.

Jo’s book HARM: How to stop workplace bullying is a no BS step-by-step guide for managers on how to eliminate bullying at work, and how to take responsibility and make it happen.

As Jo says, the true cause of workplace harm is lack of action. If individuals took action as soon as a problem occurred, we’d solve most of our problems. If managers stepped up and diffused situations instead of ignoring them and hoping they went away or someone else would deal with it, then cultures would be more positive.

This all sounds logical, but the how is where we get stuck.

Jo’s HARM model is the how, which you can apply to your organisation, your team and yourself. It includes:

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Mutual Respect

Jo identifies the problems, the solutions and actionable steps to improve your workplace and team culture.

Find out more and get your copy here.