Book Review: Practical Reconciliation

Strengthening Relationships for all Australians in 7 Easy Steps
Written by Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers 

Munya and Carla share engaging examples, practical advice and real world stories to show you the what, how and why of reconciliation in Australia.

With a mission to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia, this book helps you do just that.

It’s an effortless read and shares key takeaways and actions we can all take today.

Some of the stories shared are eye-opening and help to gain a better understanding of the true history through to current experiences for First Nations people.

With National Reconciliation Week around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your copy of this book.

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You can join Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya Andrews and Ally, Carla Rogers for a live and interactive yarning webinar to acknowledge National Reconciliation Week and explore this year’s theme: Be A Voice for Generations

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Aunty Munya and Carla are Directors at Evolve Communities, Australia’s Trusted Authority for Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Ally Training. You can find out more about Evolve Communities at