Sponsorships done differently

If you know Nicole, you know she likes to do things differently…

Bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, mental health – these are all pretty heavy topics and should not be taken lightly.

But doing the same old thing that we’ve always done, won’t bring about change – well not fast enough for Nicole anyway.

Nicole brings energy, passion, new ideas, creativity and options on HOW to make change and improvement in these areas, and becoming a sponsor of the Lived Experience Summit will help you be a part of that!

Welcome to a new sponsorship style

We expect certain acknowledgements and promotion when we sponsor events, summits and conferences – these are a given.

What you also get by working with and supporting Nicole, Neon Shed and specifically the World First Lived Experience Summit is a new way of working together and supporting your organisation and clients.

Check out some of the opportunities on offer:

Increase your brand awareness and show your support in learning from and sharing solutions to these dark sides of work

Get in touch with Nicole for more details – hello@neonshed.com.au

Hurry – applications close 30 September and there are only limited opportunities available!