Is it really a World First?


Surely it can’t be…

I’m hosting the second annual Neon Shed Summit, which provides a holistic view of lived experience with some courageous individuals and absolute rock stars.

I can’t find any past event that has done this! I’ve found Lived Experience Summits on:

  • trauma
  • mental health
  • prevention of suicide

But none on the lived experience of bullying and sexual harassment at work – is this Summit really a world first?

Please share if you know of something I’ve missed – multiple web browsers and months of searching has found nothing…

Why focus on Lived Experience?

The Lived Experience Summit focuses on the issue the perspective of everyone involved, to shed light on the issue and bring solutions to make real change.

You’ll hear from:

  • targets and survivors
  • injured workers in the workers comp system
  • psychologists
  • rehab providers
  • casualties of moral injury
  • and reformed bullies themselves.

Yes – you read that right.

There will be individuals who have conducted bullying behaviour in the past, courageous enough to talk about the how, why and what enabled them to transform, plus the immense benefits they’ve seen personally and professionally from doing so.

The benefits

Bringing light to these issues helps to:

  • improve your workplace culture
  • create psychological safety
  • empower your team to take responsibility for their actions
  • reduce miscommunication, misunderstanding and conflict that lead to bullying and harassment
  • reduce workers compensation claims
  • improve the system and the way workers are treated
  • transform and rehabilitate people that use bullying behaviours.

The details

The Summit will launch during the last week of October as part of Safe Work Australia‘s Safe Work Month and Mental Health Month.

Find out more here

If you can’t wait until then, check out the Dark Sides of Work Summit, with over 30 sought after speakers that bring light and solutions to common workplace problems.

Would you like to sponsor the Lived Experience Summit?

Sponsorship applications are now open. Contact for details.

Nicole Turnbull - Winner of the 'Most Empowering Founder and Chief Courage Officer (Australia)' in the Acquisition International Influential Businesswomen Awards 2023

About Nicole

Nicole Turnbull is the Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed. She helps organisations eliminate bullying and sexual harassment at work, and ignites courage in leaders and teams. 

Nicole is Mental Health First Aid Certified and the Winner of the 2023 Influential Businesswoman Awards for Most Empowering Founder (Australia).

Nicole is also the host of the podcast Under the Rug at Work, the Dark Sides of Work Summit and the World First Lived Experience Summit for bullying and sexual harassment.

With over 20 years in communications and more than a decade’s experience in the work health and safety industry, Nicole has worked for both NSW safety regulators, the Workers Compensation insurer and the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. 

Neon Shed brings light to the dark sides of work and gives people the tools and options to know HOW to have a safe workplace. Find out more at