Nicole Turnbull website launch!

Late last month I launched my new website!

This site shares my personal brand, focusing on igniting Courage in individuals and organisations.

Why do we lack Courage?

It’s often because we don’t have the tools, information or options available to do the tough stuff. Sometimes, it’s because the workplace culture stifles courageous leaders, it’s scared of making mistakes or simply doesn’t want to change…

Often this is not done consciously, but is the result of reactions to innovation or people who have spoken up in the past, or just those ‘unspoken rules and behaviours’ that all organisations have.

Think about it – what happens when someone in your organisation has a new idea, or they go against group think?

How is bullying and harassment dealt with at work? Are people encouraged to speak up and is action taken by leadership to remove the obstacles that allow these behaviours to happen? Or is the policy one of ‘zero tolerance’, but it still happens anyway…?

How do I help ignite Courage?

I help ignite the courage within organisations and individuals through:

Speaking engagements – on topics such as:

  • Courageous Leadership
  • The Dark Sides of Work
  • Bullying and Sexual harassment
  • Building cultures of courage

Workplace Support Program – helping organisations reduce bullying and harassment by up to 90%, decreasing costs and triple fold increasing productivity and profitability.

The Courageous Leader Launchpad – giving leaders to tools to manage the tough stuff in a safe, supportive environment. This 12 week program will increase confidence in managing performance, conflict, bullying and harassment and help improve psychological safety within the team.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together at

I’d love to thank the beautiful Xanthe Addison at Tribe Hunter for her support in developing the site. If you need help with branding, design, marketing and communications – make sure you get in touch with Xanthe Tribe Hunter!

Neon Shed is not going anywhere and will still be your go-to for bullying and sexual harassment prevention, training and eliminating the dark sides of work. There a few things I’m doing outside of Neon Shed, which will be revealed when the timing is right…

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